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The business of health
Why Private Practice needs to integrate clinical business with a commercial approach
The health system faces a number of challenges. A growing and ageing population, increased consumer expectations, more expensive technologies, and a growing burden of chronic disease conditions are amongst the factors driving increased demand for services and rising health expenditure.
Health spending in the Australian healthcare system is approximatly $155 billion of which and estimated $145 billion is recurrent health expenditure. There are divided responsibilities for funding that involve all levels of government (federal, state and local) as well as non-government organizations, private health insurers and individuals who pay for some services out of their own pocket.

The Australian health workforces delivers diverse services through many private and public organisations & businesses. Combined, there are more than 1 million people employed in delivery of health  in Australia. 

In 2015-2016 there were approximatly 136.2 million general practitioner visits, 10.6 million hospitalisations and 30 million admitted days into the public and private hospital system. Further to this there were allied health, complementary and integrative services, aged care services and welfare services all delivered to Australians.

Capital expenditure in the public Australian Healthcare system is around $9.1 million per annum with further expenditure occurring across the private sector.

Whilst this is not meant to be a comprehensive picture of the Australian health system what it is intended to highlight is that healthcare is a business. Healthcare is about servicing customers, managing staff, maintaining infrastructure, balancing the budget and delivering value.

The problem with healthcare is that whilst clinicians are busy providing care and advancing their clinical practices the same isn't happening with business practices in healthcare. Adjustments are being made at the margins, clinical methodologies are being applied to solve fundamental business dilemmas.

If healthcare doesn’t see itself as a business and doesn't start applying contemporary business methodologies it will remain costly, inefficient, ineffective & deliver a poor customer experience.  
I know and you know that a healthy healthcare system needs healthy healthcare businesses.​

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The Business of Health
Why private practice needs to integrate clinical business with a commercial approach