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The Business of Health
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The problem with healthcare is that whilst clinicians are busy providing care and advancing their clinical practice, the same isn't happening with business practices. Adjustments are being made at the margins, clinical methodologies are being applied to solve fundamental business dilemmas.

If healthcare doesn’t see itself as a business and doesn't start applying contemporary business methodologies it will remain costly, inefficient, ineffective & deliver a poor customer experience.    

I know and you know that a healthy healthcare system needs healthy healthcare businesses.​ Let's work together to make your healthcare business healthy.

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  1. Claire is an amazing resource for organisations wishing to test new ideas and opportunities in the rural health setting. Claire brings a skill set that allows the team to have access to relevant data, innovative ideas, current legislation, and state and federal government policy and direction. She presents the information in a style that is engaging, thoughtful and targeted. Claire has successfully worked with Board of Management, partners, executives, team members who really know what is going on and most importantly community members and empowered them to make brave decisions and plans. Claire has accepted every request for assistance from me and delivered the agreed outcome on time and to a exceptional standard. I highly recommend Claire to all organisations.
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. The G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar engaged Claire Edwards to assist in the preparation and to facilitate a major health and wellbeing partner forum between agencies across the G21 Region and in conjunction with Deakin University. This partner forum is a major event and featured high profile academics from Deakin University and the event attracted over 100 people from a major cross-section of professions including: Local government, Health Services, State Government and Community organisations. Whilst the event was held in Geelong, participants came from as far away as Wangaratta to attend. Claire provided invaluable support leading up to the event by contacting the key note speakers, preparing the presentations and developing an innovative kit for all participants to use on the day. Claire also proved to be an exceptional MC by her positive approach. She checked in with the organisers over the course of the day and demonstrated her warm and lively personality. Her unique voting survey as part of the event proved a big hit among all those who attended. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire for future work.
    Executive Officer
  3. Claire has worked with us on a number of projects. She has extensive knowledge and skills in health operations and policy. Claire's approach to analytics, diagnostics and problem solving is innovative and outside the box and she draws on her extensive networks to obtain new and fresh views of issues from many different angles. The work of Claire on our Aged Care strategy help us to align our Aged Care services with a changing policy environment and to develop contemporary models of care that are both sustainable and future proof. Claire is fun and engaging to work with. If you are looking to avoid more of the same from project consultants and are looking for solutions that are exciting, new and outside the square, then I recommend you contact Claire to discuss your needs.
    Public Sector Healthcare Executive
  4. Claire's knowledge and approach in driving Grampians Rural Health Alliance strategic vision, enabled a collaborative and effective decision making process and subsequently implementing that vision. I would recommend Claire to help those organisations that need out the box thinking and creativity.
    Chief Information Officer
  5. Claire is exactly what rural health needs. Someone with the purpose, processes and, most importantly, the people skills to bring meaningful change to not just the system, but to the communities and people that the system is there to support. If you are looking to implement a change project in rural health Claire is the person that you need to be talking to.
    Independant Business Leader