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We understand that the world we live in is a world where disruption & transformation is the norm, where we fight to keep a hold of the known, the certain, the familiar. However for many of us, the urgency to change is increasing, presenting new complexities & challenges to be overcome. This is no different across the healthcare sector.

At one level we have become so focused and obsessive about what needs to change, how we are going to change and why we need to change that we forget about the human side of change. We forget to help individuals to be change ready irrespective of the change ahead.

On another level the need for healthcare businesses to change is inevitable. Performance and progress is the key to success and this requires healthcare businesses to be able to change clinical and business models at an ever increasing rate.

The problem is that whilst clinicians are busy providing care and advancing their clinical practices the same isn't happening with business practices. Adjustments are being made at the margins, clinical methodologies are being applied to solve fundamental business dilemmas.

Ideas and proven business methodologies are in abundance yet healthcare businesses struggle to undertake smart change. They blindly pursue ideas that require excessive time, cost and effort without delivering an increase in performance and progress.

We are passionate about equipping individuals and healthcare businesses with the mind set, skill set & tool sets to be adaptive and undertake smart change. We do this because we are committed to helping healthcare businesses interate clinical business with a commercial approach.
Our research helps businesses to know how well positined their business is in relation to contemporary business practices and methodologies. We benchmark against the best and benchmark with like healthcare practices.

Our high quality business research provides businesses with key insights that they can act on. We test and measure changes so that business know that they are leveraging the right parts of their business for progress and growth.  

Our research stops healthcare practices from focusing on the symptoms of compromised performance to identifying underlying causes and treating them appropriately with desirable, feasible and viable solutions.
To be a successful 21st century healthcare business you must have two things.
1. Growth: an increase in size, impact, number or value of something, such as market share, revenue, output, positive social outcome.​
2. Progress: positive advancement through a series of beneficial events or points in time leading to growth.

Combined, they form the concept of value. Typically new value is attained from outside the business, by providing and selling value to customers through services & products. New value can also be found inside a business, by improving the way in which customer value is created.

There is no step by step recipe for internal or external value creation, just two guiding principles.
1. Problem: you must find a problem someone else has that they would value a solution for. 
2. Solution: you must solve that problem, whilst mitigating risk, minimising cost & maximising demand.
Smart change for healthcare businesses is is all about value creation. Smart changes must be desirable, feasible and viable.
Our goal is to help leaders, teams & individuals to practice adaptive strategies to assist them to change. We believe that you can get better at changing. Much like a sports professional does a preseason, individuals can build the foundations and practice the habits of adapting to change.

Change is all about people. Its about creating and stabilising new behaviours in individuals so that they can adapt to future change irresepective of the frequency, magnitude or complexity. For healthcare businesses to grow and progress individuals will be required to adapt.

To be clear: this is not about adapting to a specific change but about learning the mind set, skill set and tool sets of adapting to any change. As we see it the breakthrough is in having the foundations and practice that will assist individuals in the short, medium and long term. This is not just a single change management strategy for what's directly ahead but a way of adpating to change now and into the future.