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The way people interact with health providers is going through a massive shift. Integrated and complementary services are outsmarting siloed practice models. The industry is moving from a government-pays to co-contribution/user pays system. And modern health providers measure their performance using a triple bottom line: purpose, people & profit.

To assist healthcare businesses to achieve a triple bottom line we have developed the Healthy Healthcare Business (HHB) system. The HHB system uses a business diagnostic to provide insight into areas that can be leveraged to improve your business performance and growth. Why? Because a provider’s ability to generate good health outcomes hinges how well their business and clinical practices are integrated.

We are passionate about equipping individuals with the mind set, skill set & tool sets required for a healthy healthcare business. We do this because we are committed to helping you have a healthy healthcare business that integrates quality clinical care with a smart commercial approach.

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Our research helps businesses to know how well positioned their business is in relation to contemporary business practices and methodologies. We use staff, stakeholders and clients to gain 360 degree insights into your business.

We benchmark your results against the best and benchmark with like healthcare businesses. Our high quality business research provides businesses with key insights that they can act on.

Further to this we can evaluate and measure change over time so that healthcare businesses know that they are leveraging the right parts of their business for increased performance and growth. 
The 6-week Sprint program provides a structured framework that assists healthcare businesses to know what needs to change, how to undertake the change and how to measure the impact that the change has made to performance and growth of the business.

Our 6-week Sprint program stops healthcare businesses from implementing changes associated with symptoms of compromised performance to acting on the underlying causes and treating them appropriately with desirable, feasible and viable solutions.

All healthcare businesses operate differently that's why we can teach you how to run a 6-week spint or we can mentor your team throughout a 6-week sprint it depends on your preferred levels of support.
Our goal is to help leaders, teams & individuals to practice adaptive strategies to assist them to change. We believe that you can get better at changing. Much like a sports professional does a preseason, individuals can build the foundations and practice the habits of adapting to change before change happens.

Our Adaptive Leaders program is about teaching leaders how to create and stabilise new behaviours in individuals so that they can adapt to future change irresepective of the frequency, magnitude or complexity. For healthcare businesses to improve performance and growth, staff will need to adapt.