Claire Edwards
Claire is the Founder and developer of the Remedium System used to help healthcare practices use a commercial approach for clinical business. Claire drives business growth for her clients through her expertise in aligning models of care with contemporary business models, high quality business research, leadership and staff change programs.

Claire’s ability to understand the health system and make meaning for those working in the system is done in an unassuming, supportive and unique way. She helps healthcare providers apply innovative solutions to their most complex problems enabling them to thrive amidst change. 

Claire focuses on helping healthcare providers build solid foundations for sustained high level performance and growth so that their clinical expertise can shine through. She understands the current needs of each healthcare business but also designs for the future ensuring what is built will endure. 

Claire has over 20 years experience working with Boards, Executive staff, Clinicians, Practice Managers and healthcare staff. Claire has held many senior roles for the Department of Health and has specialised in rural health service provision. Claire works across the public and private sectors with primary care, tertiary care and aged care service providers. Claire is a strategist, systems thinker & designer, she combines these skills to provide her clients with a unique experiences and outcomes.

Claire’s clients emerge as industry leaders; they stay ahead of industry disruption and reform, are employers of choice, financially profitable and make a positive impact in the communities they serve.
Kylie Davies
As Business Manager, Kylie is our Director of “Getting things done & Making stuff happen”. Kylie coordinates all of our training, facilitation and workshops, and most importantly, she manages Claire. Kylie is the one who ensures venues, catering, atmosphere and vibes of all the Remedium System event based delivery happens smoothly before, during and after the event.
After spending 15 years working working in customer service and as an allied health practice manager, Kylie makes sure all of our clients have an amazing expereince throughout the Remedium process. Her willingness to push boundaries and ensure systems are in place is essential to our successful project execution.
Alex Gardiner 
Alex is our Research & Quality Assurance Manager and has been involved with the Remedium System since its inception. Alex has taken on many different roles, supporting Claire to build the Redmedium System from scratch to the system that it is today. Alex's passion is in helping healthcare businesses gain new insights into business and learning about the key leverage points for change that will result in business progress and growth.

She is responsible for recruiting, training and coaching our wonderful Research Team.
Alex lives and breathes the Remedium System and is constantly striving to improve processes and systems to ensure the Research Team deliver on all our client agreements.